24/11/2006 17:50
Opera 9.10 Build 8660

Opera 9.10 Build 8660

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- Windows media plugin now works even if java is disabled
- Fixed hanging when hovering some pages, for example
- Fixed issue with floating point numbers treated as integers on some linux systems (caused some CSS and scripts to fail)
- Several Fraud protection fixes
- Several Memory leak and crash fixes
- Wand data is stored in a new format - please read below!

В ответ на:
We made a change to the format Wand data is stored in: this means that if you upgrade to this build, you should not downgrade to a build with the previous format, as you would lose your Wand data. If you choose to upgrade an existing Opera install (note that we recommend against this with weekly builds), and you want to be on the safe side, please make a manual backup of the file wand.dat in your profile before ugprading. The new format also might mean that *some* data for logins *might* not be available anymore: we would very much appreciate feedback about this, with a URL to the page where you lost your Wand data.

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