03/08/2010 19:07

Presto update for Opera 10.70

Opera 10.70 Beta
Windows build 3468 / Mac build 8419 / UNIX build 6416

_// (12,18 )
_// (10,33 )
_// (14,65 )
_// (22,72 )

With that out of the way, let's return to the actual snapshot. This one contains mostly Presto (Core) changes, and there are even a few new features:

HTML5 HashChangeEvent
CSS3 image-fit and image-position


DSK-180617 (Links from external applications close page if page is opened from a panel or mail)
DSK-300470 (Posix crash on page load)
DSK-306032 (Impossible to maximize widget in application mode)

Fixed a few non-reproducible crashes
Fixed a few WebStorage crashes
CORE-1930 (Selection.selectAllChildren not implemented)
CORE-19329 (Support CSS3 object-fit and object-position)
CORE-22402 (EcmaScript debugger improvements)
CORE-27275 (SVG Optimizations)
CORE-29727 (Add HTML5 HashChangeEvent)
CORE-8204 (Remove IE Compatibility: document.getElementsByName doesn't distinguish between id and name attributes)
CORE-12667 (Need to add incorrectly issued "Microsoft" object signing certificates to online repository)
CORE-13803 (doDataURL() with non-primary and non-solid colours)
CORE-18808 ("v" shortcut in Google Reader opens about:blank (ignores same thread that opened popup setting location))
CORE-19618 (Fix for CORE-18808, failure to load page in newly opened popup)
CORE-22043 (Unable to load page's own URL into (i)frame)
CORE-22489 (Add to pubsuffix list)
CORE-23432 (Added phrase flags to search and highlighting)
CORE-24101 (Fix for Ctrl+End which didn't move the caret anywhere on Google Docs)
CORE-25558 (Referrer of XMLHttpRequest response is wrong when request is initiated in a call from another frame)
CORE-26183 (Memory fix for changing offline mode to online)
CORE-27256 (Random-ish crash in YUI test suite)
CORE-27917 (Crash when deleting a paragraph with an image)
CORE-28221 (Crash when browsing with cached images)
CORE-28346 (setTimeout(function, Infinity) should be handled as 0)
CORE-28745 (hashchange event fires incorrectly when stepping back and forward through pages in DOM cache)
CORE-28890 (Correct behavior for getComputedStyle of 'object-fit: auto')
CORE-28941 (Underline text-decoration doesn't seem to be filtered if the text is rendered with an SVGFont)
CORE-29227 (Div with content:-o-skin("Smiley Happy"); crashes)
CORE-29284 (Frozen UI and Flash not loaded when clicking link in Flash and going back)
CORE-29410 (Opera crashes on SVG images that include CSS stylesheets via @import)
CORE-29579 (Error.{stack,stacktrace} are identical)
CORE-29806 (Defining "href" getter on a Location object should throw TypeError)
CORE-29905 ( with a single argument "a" !== "a")
CORE-29919 (Need to run setTimeout < 10 ms in correct order)
CORE-29922 (Error.stack/stacktrace should be writable)
CORE-30096 (Non-enumarable properties are not returned)
CORE-30130 (Redeclaring Event object does not reflect within other scopes)
CORE-30168 (Carakan doesn't properly terminate strings to identifiers in some cases)
CORE-30690 (Setting onload property of XMLHttpRequest blocks document memory from being garbage collected)
CORE-31426 (Widgets don't have access to network after restart)
CORE-31482 (UPnP memory issue with IPv6 and non-local addresses)

DSK-306226 (Crash when launching browser after upgrade)

DSK-300182 (Crash in no-Carbon build)

All Linux/FreeBSD fixes in 10.61 RC1 are included in this build
CORE-31040 (Text strings to be used if print dialog can not be started)
DSK-300106 (Dragonfly crash with 16-bit color depth)

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