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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка

Opera 10.70 build 9048 Beta

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Another round of UNIX fixes have been integrated in 10.70. Lots of love here, especially for those who select text to paste it with middle click.


• DSK-309591 (Opera crashes when running windowless plugins)
• DSK-298758 (Drag and drop can hang after a drop (normally on a speed dial page))
• DSK-307702 (Importing Firefox bookmarks freezes Opera )
• DSK-303190 (Mouse selection doesn't copy to clipboard)
• DSK-309128 (window.print() doesn't work in evenes)
• DSK-306361 (Popup menus are poorly styled in GTK)
• DSK-281352 (Import Firefox bookmarks file filter is broken in KDE)
• DSK-310754 (Opera has no title in the ctwm window manager)
• DSK-310375 (Opera has no icon in the twm or ctwm window managers)
• DSK-309980 (X11 toolkit mode popup menu items should have a solid background color when selected)
• DSK-309777 (Native skin elements aren't freed)
• DSK-309984 (Focus cleanup)
• DSK-309985 (Chat room subscription dialog opens underneath parent dialog)
• DSK-311015 (Font configuration dialog is not activated properly)
• DSK-309241 (Menus are as high as the screen and nearly empty in Gnome < 2.10)
• DSK-308373 (Use xdg-open as handler for unknown files when not running in Gnome or KDE)

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