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Новая еженедельная сборка 28/05/2009 11:44

Предлагаю новости о еженедельных сборках выкладывать в одном месте, например здесь.

Opera 9.1 First weekly build in 2007
Windows build 8692 / Mac build 3602 / UNIX build 536

Скачать Windows Classic (3950 Кб)
Скачать Windows MSI (6287 Кб)
Скачать для Macintosh
Скачать для Unix

В ответ на:
• CSS height:inherit now inherits the computed value
• Scripts in framesets now execute onload
• Applets inserted with innerHTML can now be called by javascript
• Fullscreen movies on youtube movies now start (please note that this might not work on Linux with Flash 9)
• Fixed hang on Opera windows when starting Opera with a language file saved with mac style newlines
• An invalid system locale no longer causes missing text
• Capital letter "enctype" now doesn't break file uploads on ie virusscan.jotti.org
• YouTube videos progress bar now updates
• Images with broken exif data now display
• Downloading a widget now only sends one GET request
• Fixed 100% CPU when loading http://
• Fixed loading of netvibes.com
• IRC /quit messages now work properly
• Loading cnn.com now finishes properly
• Transfer status on IRC improved
• Fixed crash when performing 'copy link address' on a non-link
• Spell checking works better on debian
• Fixed crasher when trying to download a file to a full disk

Windows specific:
• fixed failing startup with Mac formatted language files

Mac specific:
• native OS X UI elements can now be used in skins

UNIX specific:
• fixed invalid locale causing missing strings in the UI
• add /usr/lib/ to search path for libaspell

Known issues:
• Java not working
• Version number not updated yet


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Re: Opera 10 @USB new 
08/04/2009 16:59   [Re: voronss]   [post link]   Прикреплённые файлы (522 downloads)

В версии 1413 в папку local нужно положить файлы
С включить язык Ru или En, соответственно.

Смотри картинку в приложении


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Re: Opera 10 @USB new 
09/04/2009 12:29   [Re: Victor]   [post link]  

Спасибо. Получилось. Все так и было. Добавил только ru.lng из основной дирректории в locale.
Спасибо, замечание принято.


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Re: Opera 10 @USB new 
22/04/2009 08:15   [Re: voronss]   [post link]  

Дополнительные словари для проверки орфографии разных языков лежат здесь https://addons.mozil...wse/type:3
наконец-то Опера сама проверяет орфографию!


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
24/04/2009 19:17   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

Opera 10.0 Alpha
Windows build 1456 / Mac build 6374 / UNIX build 4268

Скачать Windows MSI (8,34 Мб)
Скачать Windows Classic (5,34 Мб)
Скачать для MacOS X (15,39 Мб)
Скачать для MacOS X Intel (9,96 Мб)
Unix builds are not ready yet. Please check back early next week.

В ответ на:
Automated crash reporting

With this snapshot you will finally be able to send crash report directly to us without having to upload them manually to the bug tracking system. This only works for Windows for now, but it will be available for the other platforms as well.

When Opera crashes, it will open a dialog box which asks whether you want to report the crash to us. Clicking on "Options" lets you fill in some details, such as what you were doing when the crash occurred. There is also an option to restart Opera (enabled by default), so that you can get it up and running again right away.

We are aware that some of the text under "Options" is cut off, so there is no need to report that.

We have already fixed several crash bugs based on the logs you have uploaded, but with this new crash reporting mechanism it's even easier to help us make Opera even more stable. We have systems in place to handle the incoming reports which allows us to process crash logs more efficiently, resulting in a more stable product.

The dialog is work in progress, so we appreciate any feedback.

Note: If you come across any reproducible crash bugs, we would still appreciate it if you report them through the Bug Report Wizard.


We also have good news for those of you who have requested more detailed changelogs.

This time around we have processed all the changes since the previous snapshot in order to be able to provide you with more details. The complete changelog has a lot of information that isn't applicable to the current public build, or that are of a sensitive nature, so there is quite a bit of manual work involved. We need to make sure that we get as many relevant changes as possible while at the same time avoid revealing something we shouldn't. Feature development for Opera 10 isn't finished yet, after all.

Depending on how this turns out, we may decide to do this in the future as well.

Known Issues

Printing crash

Spelling checker freeze

• [CORE-20030] Opera starts freezing when more than 22 dashes ("-") appear in a textarea

File layout issues

The new file layout could still have bugs, so it will not be available as an automatic update.

• History search, favicons, thumbnails and widgets may not always be upgraded correctly
• [DSK-249941] Upgrade ignores operadef6.ini (except the "Multi User" setting)
• [DSK-250505] Toolbars like the Personal Bar and Navigation Bar disabled after upgrading
• [DSK-250011] Thumbnail profile folder not moved to correct location


• Added user interface for built-in crash reporting. Please remember to add any relevant details before sending the report (only Windows for now)
• Turbo mode is now disabled automatically for local IP addresses and hostnames
• Work on adding a placeholder image for plugins that are missing or not loaded (in Turbo mode) - see the "extras" folder for the SVG file
• Google TLD server work. On first run, we contact a Google server, and it returns the correct top level domain (TLD) to use (google.ru for Russia, google.no for Norway, and so on)
• Show sent mail when using threading in the e-mail client
• Updated Presto version to 2.2.2
• Some improvements for skin designers:
1) Added "Reload skin" action, which can be assigned to a keyboard shortcut in the shortcut editor (e.g. "F5 ctrl" - "Reload skin" under the "Application" section)
2) You can point to an unzipped skin by adding the full path to the skin.ini file in opera:config#UserPrefs|ButtonSet (use the "Reload skin" action after changing the setting)
3) Toolbar.ini defines new button skins for each toolbar, so each toolbar can be skinned separately. Fallback is Toolbar Button Skin. (Known issue: Native skins not updated yet, so they will get the hover state for the default skin instead)

User Interface
• [DSK-172058] Insufficient label height for Japanese translation in "Download Opera setup" dialog
• [DSK-221828] Fix for Thunder Download menu entry (popular Chinese download accelerator)
• [DSK-248608] Manual update check wasn't working when Opera was set to "don't check for updates"
• [DSK-248813] Any search from personal bar triggered Google, regardless of selected search engine (related to Google TLD work)
• [DSK-250489] "Show menu=0" didn't work
• [DSK-250519] Fix for Fast Forward at Polish Google site

Site Compatibility
• [DSK-251475] Couldn't click zoom buttons at Google Maps
• [CORE-9016] Moving an iframe didn't move Flash content
• [CORE-13140] Empty text nodes shouldn't always cause line breaks in rich text editors (needs testing)
• [CORE-16468] Mouse events were captured on transparent SVG
• [CORE-19542] SVG image not repainted correctly after scrolling
• [CORE-20005] Opera would not set document.cookie when IP address was specified in the URL

• Several crash fixes (table-row styled optgroups, kiosk mode crash on startup, document.write crash in javacript:, crash when overwriting TEXTAREA in designMode, back button crash, crash when selecting all in documentedit with generated content, sync crash on exit)
• Plugged some memory leaks
• [CORE-19951] Fixed freeze with nexted CSS display styles
• [CORE-20185] Freeze when searching DOM in Dragonfly

• Show sent mail when using threading
• [DSK-198726] "- Opera" incorrectly added to IRC toolbar
• [DSK-226853] Threaded mail view showed as Flat, and Period didn't work on PowerPC and SPARC
• [DSK-231550] Inconsistent icons for Check and Send
• [DSK-240924] Switching to RTL directionality fails in M2
• [DSK-250841] Drafts appear in Received when any character was entered into the To field

• [CORE-18771] 302 wasn't handled properly in widgets when using XHR

• [DSK-250506] Profile lost after upgrading single user installation
• [DSK-241585] Opening a download in an external application would open several tabs because of spaces in the local path


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
08/05/2009 16:01   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

Opera 10.0 Alpha
Windows build 1491 / Mac build 6 417 / UNIX build 4340

Скачать Windows MSI (8.41Mb)
Скачать Windows Classic (5.5Mb)
Скачать MacOS (Universal) (15.5Mb)
Скачать MacOS (Intel only)
Скачать Unix

В ответ на:
Known Issues
Linux: Styling of Qt menus does not work in this build.
[DSK-250495] Linux: Spellcheck no longer working in some Linux distributions (Mandriva, Fedora) after recent changes to locations of configuration files.
[DSK-251955] Windows: Opening downloaded files in external application not working


Skin designers can enable opera:config#UserPrefs|DebugSkin and hover any button for skin element info
Crash report improvements, and the crash upload dialog can be disabled from opera:config#UserPrefs|ShowCrashLogUploadDialog
[DSK-173345] Work in progress: No easily accessible option to use another BitTorrent client (affected by DSK-251955 under Known Issues)

Fixed crash when tab closing behaviour is "Activate first tab opened from current tab"
Work on: [CORE-19925] Many scripted plugins at the same time can crash Opera
Reverted "[CORE-20191] crashes when overwriting TEXTAREA in designMode document"; fixes CORE-20342 and DSK-251789 (Gmail rich text problem, and freeze on several sites)
[DSK-229929] Crash when dragging tabs in and out of windows
[DSK-250634] Crash on form submit
[DSK-251868] Crash dialog crashes on right clicking input
[CORE-19023] Crash on loading sueddeutsche.de
[CORE-20030] Opera starts freezing when more than 22 dashes ("-") appear in a textarea
[DSK-251275] Crash on printing
[CORE-20541] Crash on animateMotion with empty values attribute
[CORE-19030] Manipulating styles on an object that is showing fallback content causes script execution lockup
[DSK-251437] Crash on clicking refresh display toolbar button when Opera inactive
[DSK-252417] freeze on hovering image link in aligned block

User Interface
Usage report additions: Searches, number of accounts preferring HTML compose, spell check preference, log if the search was a default search from dropdown or history search from dropdown
[DSK-197251] Keyboard shortcut assigner shoud be able to handle non-ASCII characters
[DSK-237245] Text cut off in save attachments dialog
[DSK-248270] White edges/background for newsfeed/RSS icon
[DSK-248653] Login dialogs corrupted on startup
[DSK-250638] Background not highlighted on Personal bar links
[DSK-251283] Fake shortcut displayed for some menu items (such as Full Screen)
[DSK-251288] Add an option to disable the crashlog dialog
[DSK-252185] Fast forward in Google doesn't work in Italian
[DSK-251279] Font selection buttons are switched in Preferences
[DSK-250270] Opera shows green light for unsecure http auth when accessed secure https site before
[DSK-192585] Japanese text in EXIF gets garbled

[CORE-20485] Don't always check cached redirects by default
[CORE-18820] Executing delayed scripts must be finished before sending content loaded event
[CORE-15286] emptying img src does not stop image from loading
[CORE-17217] Links not clickable with DSE if script is slow loading
[CORE-17828] GetBoxRect gives incorrect result for inline which contains block
[CORE-14977] Doesn't fire DOMContentLoaded when a script is added with document.write
[CORE-20373] Scripting not resumed after manipulating visibility of display:none object (Elements are unclickable when signed in for blog.sina.com.cn)

Site Compatibility
[CORE-11248] Nested forms break layout
[CORE-18920] Check if the url is a relative url even if it contains a colon but not ://

Opera Turbo
Fix for Turbo icon height
[TURBO-202] Make sure context caches get cleared along with normal cache
[TURBO-203] Perform full reload with new usage info when opening images manually

[DSK-252156] Forced exporting mail option on missing body
[DSK-252321] Mail lost when upgrading if you have no Mail Root Directory set
[DSK-251611] Opera randomly crashes on compose window
[DSK-226623] Deleting Text in Quick Reply with Shift-Del removes message

Made the MSI installer display an error when Opera is running
Fixed eternal crash logging loop on a crash during startup
[DSK-251283] Fake shortcut displayed for some menu items (such as Full Screen)
[DSK-235536] Spaces inserted before the last character in Korean words
[DSK-247941] Chinese Input method Issue, Which can't overwrite the selected content in text box.
[DSK-248683] It should not be possible to upgrade Opera while Opera is running as another user
[DSK-250011] Thumbnail profile folder not moved to correct location
[DSK-251955] Opening files in other applications/View source in external text editor doesn't work
[DSK-252012] "Open with other application" gives "No registered application for this extension" error message

Fix for missing dialogs on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger
Properly remove antialiasing on fonts smaller than the AA threshold
[DSK-247069] Silverlight doesn't work
[DSK-251919] Fix for opening downloads in default application

Allow right click menus be available after dragging a widget
[DSK-242992] No files in "Choose" dialog
[DSK-248017] Middle-clicking Speed Dial entries wasn't working.
[DSK-250407] Couldn't switch languages following resource changes.
[DSK-251946] Clipboard not updated when copying in an external application, after copying in Opera


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
09/05/2009 08:43   [Re: extreme]   [post link]  

Ахтунг! с кодировками беда на доброй половине сайтов, в том числе и на этом.


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
10/05/2009 15:13   [Re: nekeda]   [post link]  

когда хоть беты появятся? а то одни глючные альфы. Сижу пока на девятке


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
10/05/2009 22:33   [Re: Academic]   [post link]  

Да нет, 1456 не глючит особо. По крайней мере пользоваться можно.


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
13/05/2009 19:07   [Re: nekeda]   [post link]  

Opera 10.0 Alpha
Windows build 1497 / Mac build 6422 / UNIX build 4345

Скачать Windows MSI (8,37 Мб)
Скачать Windows Classic (5,37 Мб)
Скачать для MacOS X (15,44 Мб)
Скачать для MacOS X Intel (9,98 Мб)
Скачать для Unix

В ответ на:
Known Issues
• The license dialog when adding languages to the spelling checker is work in progress, it is not usable yet
• [DSK-250495] Linux: Spellcheck no longer working in some Linux distributions (Mandriva, Fedora) after recent changes to locations of configuration files.


• New context menu on the Turbo button

• Reverted [CORE-17828] GetBoxRect gives incorrect result for inline which contains block (caused the regression with empty anchors)
• [CORE-6713] Absolutely positioned sibling of a relatively positioned child of a block with overflow hidden is not visible until all text is selected
• [CORE-19778] Scripting does not resume if embed is replaced with CSS "content" property (stream.cz)
• [CORE-20253] Facebook links wrap to new lines with Norwegian layout
• [CORE-20438] Query stripped from hash - mobile books on Google does not work properly
• [CORE-20596] portal.cyberjapan.jp never stops loading with Delayed Script Execution enabled
• [CORE-132609] Nested absolutely positioned element disappears if ancestor has non-visible overflow

• Work on license dialog for spell checking dictionary downloads
• Crash logging: Some improvements and rollbacks to crash upload dialog, startup will NOT be skipped
• Increased the width of the inline find pop-up
• [DSK-249030] (null) in the server security icon instead of server name
• [DSK-249277] Server name button in authentication dialog gives info for originating URL

• [DSK-246549] Kill the lexicon file if it's corrupted, and let it be reindexed

• [DSK-252091] "Use system default" dropdown in the BitTorrent download dialog should be inactive when that radio button isn't selected
• [DSK-252084] BitTorrent dialog only works the first time you click a torrent link

Opera Turbo
• Added info menu item in Turbo context menu
• Changed Turbo info URL
• Tweaks to the detection of slow connections
• Small fix for Turbo not enabling when clicked

• [CORE-15825] Crash in DOM inspector when inspecting document object with 'node' setting

• Prefs setting to control display of crash dialog
• [DSK-228856] Address field not updated on redirect for tab opened in the background): Don't handle focus different for unix desktop
• [DSK-251817] Crash when opening menus
• [DSK-251930] Linux builds do not upload any crashlogs

• [DSK-252561] Flash content loses its position when scrolling


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
27/05/2009 18:27   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

Opera 10.0 Beta
Windows build 1535 / Mac build 6466 / UNIX build 4394

Скачать Windows MSI (8,41 Мб)
Скачать Windows Classic (5,39 Мб)
Скачать для MacOS X (15,50 Мб)
Скачать для MacOS X Intel(10,04 Мб)
Скачать для Unix

В ответ на:
Snapshot build with preview of the *new* Skin

Things to bear in mind while you're playing with this:
What you see here is neither complete nor final, and there will be more iterations before the final release. Some elements will still look like the current skin!
• Currently the skin is implemented for the default setup, tabs at the top, panels on the left, panel toolbar on the left and status bar at the bottom. Other setups will look a bit odd - for now.
• This build doesn't include the new features in Opera 10, so one of the reasons for the revised skin isn't there. All we be clear when the beta comes out!

Known Issues
• There are several issues with the skin: Speed Dial is unfinished, there are missing/outdated icons, some things may be placeholders/work in progress, and so on
• [DSK-253836] When reading mails, headers only show e-mail addresses rather than "name" <e-mail@address.invalid> for senders not in your contact list

• Some fixes to crash upload dialog
• Use default search engine rather than a specific search engine when tying two or more words and pressing Enter
• [DSK-180617] Links opened in external applications closes page if page is opened from a panel or mail
• [DSK-239506] Can't correct spelling using only the keyboard
• [DSK-251332] Changing the size of the searchfield when the addressbar is placed on the left causes it to disappear forever
• [DSK-251349] Search box and address field are misaligned
• [DSK-252737] No timeout when new spelling checker dictionaries can't be retrieved
• [DSK-252992] "Other Application..." doesnt' work in the BitTorren Client Selection dialog
• [DSK-253202] Replace 'Language' with 'Dictionary' in dictionary download wizard and spellcheck menu

Skinning improvements:
• Made the splitter dividers separately skinable with the sections [Splitter Horizontal Divider Skin] and [Splitter Vertical Divider Skin]. Remember their height/width is always 3px
• Text-shadow ability in the skin

Search UI updates:
• Use "?" as a shortcut (instead of, e.g., "g") in the URL field to search with the default search engine
• Show "Search the Web" and use the default search engine rather than Google specifically in the URL dropdown when typing in one or more words in the URL field

• Reverted [CORE-14999] Send DOMContentLoaded when the parsing is complete even if it's discovered a little later than usual
• Partial fix: [CORE-20956] Wand does not submit if form includes two input fields and a password field
• [CORE-466] vertical-align is not inherited in tables
• [CORE-3587] Float not reset to none for absolutely positioned elements
• [CORE-4589] designMode: Text entered after creating link turns into link
• [CORE-8335] BiDi: Unable to reach end position of hilight text
• [CORE-17018] WebFonts break when using the OpenType format
• [CORE-19215] Deleted selected string incorrectly rolls back when composing using IME in editable document
• [CORE-19836] non-visible WMP not initialized
• [CORE-20012] Fastmail rich text editing breaks interface
• [DSK-244367] Error page on unsupported HTTP authentication scheme instead of showing the response body

• Mail: Crash fix for opening sent message that didn't have body
• Spelling checker: Crash fix for dictionaries that seems installed, but do not get picked up by the spellcheck module for some reason.
• Spelling checker: Fixed crash if the dictionary is downloaded but the check sum is not correct
• Fixes based on automated crash reporting
• [CORE-19581] Opera crash on searching text on a specific page
• [CORE-20406] Opera crashes on positioning tasks in Gmail2
• [CORE-20470] Calling referenced native function crashes opera
• [CORE-20598] Blog feed freezes Opera/doesn't load when Delayed Script Execution is enabled
• [CORE-20930] Inserting BODY element into existing BODY tag causes crash
• [CORE-20950] Crash at Facebook because of NULL base url (most common crash for Opera Mini)
• [CORE-21171] Freezes and eats all memory within seconds on certain pages (eztv.it, funfile.org)
• [DSK-223018] BitTorrent: Unreproducible bittorrent crash when selecting items in transfers panel
• [DSK-223722] Opera freeze for a long time when viewing transfers
• [DSK-240287] BitTorrent: Crash after downloading a few torrents
• [DSK-240724] Going to a fraud URL with a username crashes Opera
• [DSK-242050] Crash while managing feed items
• [DSK-249422] Crash when clicking certain mails
• [DSK-252115] "Feeds > (Feed name) -> Click on Post -> From -> Follow Contact" crashes Opera
• [DSK-252764] Setting feed update interval to 5 minutes for a lot of feeds makes Opera use too much memory over time
• [DSK-253542] Check spelling doesn't work or crashes in upgrade installation

• Fixed threading of reopened drafts
• Better error handling to avoid duplicate mails
• A new error message from m2 when a message fails to be indexed
• Added format=flowed parameters to the content-type header
• Fixes to "show sent" mail in threaded view
• Enable "show sent" when setting Sent IMAP folder
• Do the consistency check on exit after upgrade
• Wrapping should depend on account settings
• Show a bit more relevant context menu when using context menu button in compose window
• [DSK-189699] Mails are not sorted on latest message in thread view
• [DSK-199963] M2 doesn't add a name to e-mail address when composing the e-mail from existing address
• [DSK-233440] Dragging message between IMAP accounts sometimes fails
• [DSK-239836] Forwarding a feed in HTML will include the word "article" in a huge font
• [DSK-224803] Cannot view email headers if text/plain not opened by Opera: Force viewer to be Opera when opening raw mail
• [DSK-244169] Font used in body field doesn't reflect font in drop-down
• [DSK-246522] The compose action opens webmail page instead of compose window
• [DSK-247011] Automatic RTL detection on reply
• [DSK-247788] M2 wrongly claims that there are no new messages when connection to server is interrupted
• [DSK-248265] Hide HTML formatting in newsgroup compose window
• [DSK-248267] Directionality detection missing when editing an existing email
• [DSK-248543] The last part of Japanese Subject is not shown
• [DSK-249350] Database consistency check should be periodic
• [DSK-250841] Drafts appear in received folder when any characters was entered into the to field
• [DSK-251008] Opening a mail copy from Sent, changing its To address and sending it, replaces the copy in Sent instead of creating a new sent email entry
• [DSK-252156] Forced exporting mail option
• [DSK-252235] Upgrading results in duplicate and blank messages
• [DSK-252238] "Show read" gets unchecked for Received view when upgrading
• [DSK-252495] Bottom border in mail compose area missing
• [DSK-252658] Fetch all e-mails when switching from Low-bandwidth mode to "Make all messages available offline"
• [DSK-253417] Mail folder not copied when upgrading from 9.64
• [DSK-253425] To, CC, and BCC fields not shown when opening Mail in Sent view

• Partial fix: [DSK-246177] Connnecting to a malevolent IRC server can render Opera usuable with too many modal dialog popups
• [DSK-228014] Saving IRC/Chat window silently fails if MHT or "HTML with images" is chosen
• [DSK-248365] IRC password not memorized when using /join command
• [DSK-253327] Joining a password protected channel for the first time via a typed join command fails

Opera Link
• [DSK-249571] Link queue not sent when exiting Opera

Opera Turbo
• Context menu changes
• Changes to the Turbo dialog
• Adding Turbo icons for the turbo notification dialog
• [DSK-247507] Turbo button not automatically added to status bar in upgrade installations
• [DSK-248836] Turbo mode not keyboard accessible
• [DSK-249981] Turbo: Text color for the turbo button is not changeable by skin
• [DSK-252890] Turbo status icons should respect the text-only option
• [TURBO-159] A placeholder is needed for plugins that are not loaded yet: Changing the icon
• [TURBO-183] Turbo state not switched after clicking JavaScript links
• [TURBO-220] Tabs opened from mail, chat etc. windows should use global setting to determine Turbo Mode state
• [TURBO-224] Correct handling of history positions when reloading in new Turbo Mode state

• Fixed a problem that would prevent the previous opera instance to be registered for uninstallation
• Added registry value indicating whether installation was done by administrator
• [DSK-226188] Extension lost when renaming a file in the save dialog to include a period
• [DSK-231787] Unable to set default browser in the Start Menu
• [DSK-245142] Removed spellcheck.dll, as it's no longer needed for new spelling checker
• [DSK-245686] Silverlight crash when reloading quickly
• [DSK-246447] Can't install Opera with a limited account
• [DSK-246448] Fix for automatic updates with limited (non-admin) XP accounts
• [DSK-251584] Hidden popup blocks installation process when Opera is still running
• [DSK-252544] Information about installation directory missing must not be handled by browser
• [DSK-253587] Ddouble file extensions added on download

• [CORE-19054] Fix for showing print preview)
• [DSK-248272] Possible to insert non-images using Insert > Image)
• [DSK-248013] Sub-menu items replace menu items in the Opera menu)

• Removed '-nosession' as a separate command line option. It is already handeled as an alias to '-nowin'
• [DSK-230698] Serious drawing issues in the Qt4 build
• [DSK-235281] Refresh causes Opera to go backwards in history after interaction with Flash
• [DSK-251177] navigator.plugins.refresh() takes long time; cache the plugin information
• [DSK-251573] Don't renice pluginwrapper to 19
• [DSK-251805] Hang when doubleclicking text while flash is running


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
27/05/2009 19:24   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

Поправочка: Beta!


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
27/05/2009 21:51   [Re: i-0]   [post link]  

Спасибо за поправку, исправил.


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
28/05/2009 05:01   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

Блин, что-то они через раз не осиливают share-сборку для Qt4


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
28/05/2009 10:19   [Re: Turbid]   [post link]  

гиморно это очень, вот и откладывают на потом =)


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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
28/05/2009 11:44   [Re: iNDiAnFLy]   [post link]  

Кстати, интересно почему еще не забили на Qt3, оно же deprecated уже года 3 как.

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