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Новая еженедельная сборка 27/06/2009 17:47

Предлагаю новости о еженедельных сборках выкладывать в одном месте, например здесь.

Opera 9.1 First weekly build in 2007
Windows build 8692 / Mac build 3602 / UNIX build 536

Скачать Windows Classic (3950 Кб)
Скачать Windows MSI (6287 Кб)
Скачать для Macintosh
Скачать для Unix

В ответ на:
• CSS height:inherit now inherits the computed value
• Scripts in framesets now execute onload
• Applets inserted with innerHTML can now be called by javascript
• Fullscreen movies on youtube movies now start (please note that this might not work on Linux with Flash 9)
• Fixed hang on Opera windows when starting Opera with a language file saved with mac style newlines
• An invalid system locale no longer causes missing text
• Capital letter "enctype" now doesn't break file uploads on ie virusscan.jotti.org
• YouTube videos progress bar now updates
• Images with broken exif data now display
• Downloading a widget now only sends one GET request
• Fixed 100% CPU when loading http://
• Fixed loading of netvibes.com
• IRC /quit messages now work properly
• Loading cnn.com now finishes properly
• Transfer status on IRC improved
• Fixed crash when performing 'copy link address' on a non-link
• Spell checking works better on debian
• Fixed crasher when trying to download a file to a full disk

Windows specific:
• fixed failing startup with Mac formatted language files

Mac specific:
• native OS X UI elements can now be used in skins

UNIX specific:
• fixed invalid locale causing missing strings in the UI
• add /usr/lib/ to search path for libaspell

Known issues:
• Java not working
• Version number not updated yet


Зарегистр: 03/09/2004
Сообщений: 154
Из: .ru
Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
24/06/2009 16:19   [Re: Lan]   [post link]  

Opera 10.0 Beta
Windows build 1601 / Mac build 6522 / UNIX build 4449

Скачать Windows MSI (9,7 Мб)
Скачать Windows Classic (7,2 Мб)
Скачать для MacOS X (17,8 Мб)
Скачать для MacOS X Intel (12,2 Мб)
Скачать для Unix

В ответ на:

User Interface
Changed BitTorrent dialog: Added a Save button to save torrent file to disk (also see DSK-252995)
Added a "Synchronize Opera..." button in Speed Dial
Opera Turbo: Download min 2mb of data and visit min 8 sites before measuring bandwidth, and dont check again if the network is fast
New icons for Dom Console, Who is, Send File, Spell Check, Authormode, Usermode, Check, Send, Check/Send, Search
Revised icons for text_select, pan, start/stop listening, HTML Compose Text Color
Added Region Locale preference use to handle region specific configuration files
Added multiple server support for autoupdate
Add some extra code to ensure menu is shown when needed
Adding enabled state for fit width button
Updating all trash icons to be consistent
Adding simple styling to the start bar
Improvements to address bar icons
Turbo Box UI tweaks
Position the menu properly even if the menu button and the menu bar is invisible
Adding tab icons (inverted) for panels viewed as tabs
Partial Fix of Bug DSK-253880 (Address bar border too fat (and inconsistent)): Fix for unequal paddings
Spelling checker: Added a warning about why the dictionaries.xml file sometimes goes missing from autoupdate, and what to do with it
Spelling checker: Make it possible to set a new spell UI session without a pop-up menu
Fixed a crash bug related to closing tabs while a tooltip is upcoming
Give all submenus icons from the skin
Making shadow on active tabs less harsh
New Dialog Toggle Icons, and revised mail icons
Swap send and don't send button of crash report dialog
Tweaked the position of the menu button menu
Updated Dialog Images
Fixed Bug DSK-223637 (Crash on answering "Never" in password manager (Wand))
Fixed Bug DSK-236829 (Activate Next Tab does not work when tabs are launched in the background via control shift click)
Fixed Bug DSK-239430 (Pressing Enter to select an item in a dropdown box submits a form)
Fixed Bug DSK-241168 (background color of alternate rows in list disappeared)
Fixed Bug DSK-245191 (Add Open Folder button to file browse control): Adding context menu option to browse folder
Fixed Bug DSK-249063 (Non-removable English entry in Spelling > Language should be grayed out)
Fixed Bug DSK-251672 (Corruption of Speed Dial with Windows native theme)
Fixed Bug DSK-252995 (Opera continuously opening tabs if you choose "Opera Internet Browser" and "Remember choice" in the BitTorrent Client Selection dialog): the BT download dialog now inherits most of the functionality from the download dialog, including the Save functionality
Fixed Bug DSK-253364 (Using different sorting in the dictionary dialog, downloads the wrong ones)
Fixed Bug DSK-253668 (Allow Speed Dial to have a custom favicon)
Fixed Bug DSK-253893 (ShellExecuteEx error dialog when cancelling UAC/User Access Control dialog)
Fixed Bug DSK-254393 (Padding of progress bar inside address bar is off)
Fixed Bug DSK-254413 (Unclear how to enable tab thumbnails: Always make the enable tab thumbnails checkbox enabled in customize dialog, and if selected force wrapping off)
Fixed Bug DSK-254862 (IME is disabled in "Save As" input field)
Fixed Bug DSK-254964 (Opera sometimes crashes when closing while downloading a torrent)
Fixed Bug DSK-255264 (The turbo button should have a left click context menu)
Fixed Bug DSK-255044 (Donwloaded files to a Chinese path cannot show Advanced menu in Download Manager)
Fixed Bug DSK-255382 (Leaks in crashlogger dialog)
Fixed Bug DSK-255449 (New Opera Link settings dialog layout breaks current localization)
Fixed Bug DSK-255531 (Strings don't fit in Link Setup dialog)
Fixed Bug DSK-255542 ('Abbrecher' don't fit on Unite/Link Setup diag): resizing buttons in feature setup dialog
Fixed Bug DSK-255544 (Description strings don't fit on Unite/Link signup and signin dialog)
Fixed Bug DSK-255546 (Strings don't fit on buttons on Unite/Link TAC dialog): resizing buttons in license dialog
Fixed Bug DSK-255548 (Checkboxes overlap text strings on Link Options dialog)
Further Fix to Bug DSK-255677 (You can't delete a spelling checker dictionary if it is in use. Sharing violation)
Fixed Bug DSK-255679 (Spelling checker dictionaries that you install, but do not accept the license for, should be deleted)
Fixed Bug DSK-255568 (Speed Dial modifications not sent in link until after restart): Also fixes so that if you receive a speed dial position above your max, the number of speed dials are extended to fit it (but not visually)
Fixed Bug DSK-255798 (Must middle click twice to switch to tab thumbnail mode when using native skin)
Fixed Bug DSK-255806 (Status bar when using Windows Native skin still uses skin background gradient of the new skin)
Fixed Bug DSK-255814 (Privacy policy string in crash dialogue gets chopped)
Fixed Bug DSK-255864 (Progress bar does not always disappear after page has finished loading)
Fixed Bug DSK-256115 (Inconsistent trash icons)
Fixed Bug DSK-256314 (Opera crashes when setting a shared unite image as speed dial background)
Fixed Bug DSK-256321 (If you cancel the spelling checker dictionary wizard before reaching the end of the process, the dicts are still installed)
Fixed Bug DSK-256344 (Progress spinner on thumbnails overlap other tabs when tabs are small)
Fixed Bug DSK-256461 (Widget icon in URL field is smaller than the RSS icon)
Fixed Bug DSK-256805 (Opera crashes when dragging separator to trash can)
Fixed Bug DSK-256900 (Use progressive disclosure control on 'Report a site problem' dialog)
Fixed Bug DSK-256919 (Setting Opera Turbo through the Details dialog fails)

Notification given when the Turbo servers are busy
Fixed problem with recognizing EV certificates issued directly from the Root
Webfonts now works with OpenType fonts (OTF)
Fixed Bug CORE-16875 (Images appended after page load don't display until "screen refresh")
Fixed Bug CORE-19599 (Internet->Intranet override polishing)
Fixed Bug CORE-20220 (Crash on spatnav on Yahoo frontpage)
Fixed Bug CORE-21668 (Opera sends Cipher Suite: TLS_NULL_WITH_NULL_NULL (0x0000) when it shouldn't (fastmail.fm))
Fixed Bug CORE-21920 (FormatBlock incorrectly affects ancestors of contentEditable element)
Fixed Bug CORE-21930 (Investigate Move player crash)
Fixed Bug CORE-21933 (Crash when loading gares-en-mouvement.com)
Fixed Bug CORE-21953 (Make it possible to change certain preference defaults for certain langauges)
Fixed Bug CORE-22112 (Crash trying to load and reference non-existing image with JavaScript)
Fixed Bug CORE-22139 (Background image change doesn't repaint new area)
Fixed Bug DSK-248214 (Crash when saving a picture that has not been fully downloaded)
Fixed Bug DSK-253851 (Java crash on multiple sites)
Fixed Bug DSK-254653 (Iframe crash)
Fixed Bug DSK-255504 (Make it possible to add turbo configuration files per language)
Fixed Bug DSK-255541 (Crash when using inline search with Turbo enabled)
Fixed Bug DSK-255901 (Yahoo media player crash at learnenglish.de)
Fixed Bug DSK-255942 (Spellchecker stops working on pressing del and space immediately)
Fixed Bug DSK-256294 (Windowless Silverlight disappears when using context menu)
Fixed Bug DSK-256323 (Create search not working when right clicking on a search text field)
Fixed Bug DSK-256442 (Silverlight crash at itv.com)
Fixed Bug DSK-256640 (Crash when starting Unite)
Fixed Bug DSK-256967 (Opera crashes when loading YouTube video)
Fixed Bug TURBO-251 (Crash fix: Mime decoder URL context should not interfere with existing contexts)

Added a dialog to warn about the mail database consistency check
8 bit is not the default content transfer encoding anymore
Use the account preference to determine if we should restrict the content transfer restriction to 8 bit or 7 bit
Fixed Bug DSK-233989 (Mail bodies missing after mail import)
Fixed Bug DSK-239113 (HTML keyboard shortcuts work in plain text mode)
Fixed Bug DSK-239908 (Formatting radio buttons and labels act as toggles)
Fixed Bug DSK-244390 (Mail client selection dialog isn't displayed on first mailto click after upgrade)
Fixed Bug DSK-244505 (Blockquote still visible in compose window)
Fixed Bug DSK-253679 (When you reply to a message the cursor is invisible)
Fixed Bug DSK-254053 (Mail header buttons overlap bottom of toolbar)
Fixed Bug DSK-254870 (Pasting a message clears the paste buffer)
Fixed Bug DSK-255306 (8bit messages marked as 7bit)
Fixed Bug DSK-255905 (Opera Mail welcome message encoding and other string problems)
Fixed Bug DSK-255969 (Reopen HTML draft with prefer plain text shows HTML source in compose window)
Fixed Bug DSK-255980 (Old draft shown on reopening)
Fixed Bug DSK-255990 (Remove from view doesn't decrease the unread count)
Fixed Bug DSK-256351 (Changing account breaks the automatic encoding chooser)

Opera Unite/Widgets
Fix for a crash that happened when the Trash can is dragged to the widgets area in widgets panel
Fixed Bug DSK-249755 (FileSystem.browseFor* callback not executed)
Fixed Bug DSK-254636 (Shift + Delete key does not work in widgets and Unite services panel)
Fixed Bug DSK-254694 (You can close the security prefs dialog even if the The "Repositories Whitelist Manger" dialog is open)
Fixed Bug DSK-255418 ("Opera Unite Services" looks out of place in the "Add/remove panel" menu)
Fixed Bug DSK-255516 (First text on service start should be "Service started" not "No activity")
Fixed Bug DSK-255524 (It is possible to set special characters as the address for a service)
Fixed Bug DSK-255538 (Moving service to Trash should show warning about stopping the service)
Fixed Bug DSK-255782 (Unite panel does not open when service installed in all cases)
Fixed Bug DSK-256267 (Crash when home/root service is missing)
Fixed Bug DSK-256752 (Double-clicking the home service often opens /home/)
Fixed Bug DSK-256792 (Invalid device names is saved)
Fixed Bug US-515 (Yusef.serveFile() fails when there is some argument in GET)

Initial work on windows native skin - panels, thumbnail tabs and normal tabs
Fixed Bug DSK-196535 (Ignore new WMP plugin on Win 9x)
Fixed Bug DSK-198255 (New WMP plugin not detected if Firefox is not installed)
Fixed Bug DSK-217253 (Plugin detecting method npdsplay.dll->np-mswmp.dll)
Fixed Bug DSK-256036 (Opera switches to English when autoupdating)

Updated Japanese font settings on request
Fix system tray update issue in Qt3 when switching to/from Unite
Fixed Bug DSK-234230 (JavaScript page freeze, causing excessive CPU usage on Solaris)
Fixed Bug DSK-252068 (Modifier keys on DOM key events not being reported properly)
Fixed Bug DSK-254431 (Crash when using Flash in widgets)
Partial Fix of Bug DSK-255278 (New skin does not support dark native themes)
Fixed Bug DSK-255831 (Implement Unite notification in tray icon on UNIX)
Fixed Bug DSK-256020 (Cannot drag and drop attachements from Nautilus)

Mac skin uses standard Mac delete icon
Mac-specific Speed Dial favicon
Changing the Mac add-tab icon to be 22x22
Fixed Bug DSK-253912 (Crash on startup after upgrade from 9.x)
Fixed Bug DSK-256991 (Crash fix for demuths.de)

Known Issues
Native skins are not finished yet. Several issues remain.
Opera Unite is not working in Unix Qt4 builds.
Synchronizing search engines might not work yet


Зарегистр: 19/02/2003
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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
24/06/2009 19:16   [Re: ysf]   [post link]  

Спасибо будем надеяться на лучшее и что финал хорош. Мне никогда не везло с четными версиями оперы, но эту я думаю что освою гораздо быстрее. Хотя вру на восьмерке я очень долго просидел. Естьу кого четкое мнение по поводу майл клиента в работе с IMAP? как он хорош или плох?


Зарегистр: 05/11/2005
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Из: Russia ,Novosibirsk
Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
24/06/2009 22:47   [Re: Angolier]   [post link]  

ysf, Никакой это не финал!

не вводите людей в заблуждение


Зарегистр: 03/09/2004
Сообщений: 154
Из: .ru
Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
25/06/2009 04:29   [Re: woldemar]   [post link]  

woldemar все вопросы к авторам!


Зарегистр: 15/04/2003
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Из: Санкт-Петербург
Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
25/06/2009 08:47   [Re: ysf]   [post link]  

approaching - приближение

Учим английский


Зарегистр: 03/09/2004
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Из: .ru
Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
25/06/2009 09:19   [Re: Ilya]   [post link]  

Ну так - уже приближение, значит уже не совсем бета!
Исправил пост!


Зарегистр: 24/08/2008
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Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
25/06/2009 13:02   [Re: ysf]   [post link]  

Вся эта возня с "приближающимся" финалом - ИМХО чисто маркетинговое стремление обогнать выход FireFox 3.5. Просто ближе к дате выхода Фокса объявят очередную бету финалом и громко прокукарекают об этом на весь мир. А баги/глюки будут потом доделывать. Ведь процессом сейчас везде маркетологи рулят... Еще ни одна версия Оперы, кончающаяся на 0, не была окончательным финалом линейки.


Зарегистр: 03/09/2004
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Из: .ru
Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
26/06/2009 03:58   [Re: WatsonRus]   [post link]  

Уважаемый, WatsonRus!
Да будет тебе, где тут "отличительные особенности" именно Opera? Где не рулят именно маркетологи? Риторические вопросы.
В ответ на:
Еще ни одна версия Оперы, кончающаяся на 0, не была окончательным финалом линейки...
Опять же риторический вопрос - а у кого иначе?
Мне лично не мешает приписка в названии "Beta", все, что мне нужно, работает без проблем. Остальное, обычно, решаемо.


Зарегистр: 10/01/2009
Сообщений: 668
Из: Minsk
Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
26/06/2009 09:15   [Re: ysf]   [post link]  

По-моему, кстати наоборот. Обычно выходит новая версия оперы, а мозилла вслед сразу же выпускает...


Зарегистр: 24/08/2008
Сообщений: 65
Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
26/06/2009 15:36   [Re: extreme]   [post link]  

В ответ на:
где тут "отличительные особенности" именно Opera?

А разве я говорил, что это "отличительная особенность" Оперы? У Фокса то же самое творится. Но согласись, что это неправильно, когда недотестированную бету объявляют финалом только из-за того, что близится время Ч у конкурента, который поступает аналогично.


Зарегистр: 15/11/2002
Сообщений: 1446
Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
26/06/2009 21:05   [Re: WatsonRus]   [post link]   Прикреплённые файлы (425 downloads)

В версии 1601 увеличился интервал между строками меню в сравнении с предыдущими версиями. См. приложенный файл.


Зарегистр: 22/11/2008
Сообщений: 232
Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
27/06/2009 07:00   [Re: Victor]   [post link]  

В ответ на:
Где не рулят именно маркетологи?
В Опере они не рулят. Вы на каком-нибудь сайте видели "Скачайте последнюю Оперу — будьте настоящим интернет-исследователем"?


Зарегистр: 05/06/2009
Сообщений: 41
Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
27/06/2009 15:08   [Re: i-0]   [post link]  

Парни, в чем разница между MSI и Classic сборками?


Зарегистр: 10/01/2009
Сообщений: 668
Из: Minsk
Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
27/06/2009 16:18   [Re: Vasja]   [post link]  

мси включает в себя все языки


Зарегистр: 15/11/2002
Сообщений: 1446
Re: Новая еженедельная сборка new 
27/06/2009 17:47   [Re: extreme]   [post link]  

Но зато в Classic есть возможность поставить Оперу в один каталог, в однопользовательском режиме.
MSI разбрасывает пользовательские папки по каталогу Documents and Settings

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